Of Quartz You Can Create a Kitchen You Love!

Whether you’re an entertaining homeowner who never touches the stove or a professional chef cooking at home, the kitchen is sure to be the proverbial heart of your home. Amping the aesthetic and function of this oft-used space increases the satisfaction of daily life and increases the value of your home no matter whether building from scratch or renovating. 

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Top Considerations

The benchtops take top consideration when creating a kitchen you, your progeny, and guests will love. Out of the myriad of material possibilities, quartz stands out in all its glory for lasting superior quality and luxurious aesthetics. We love quartz everywhere from the island (top to bottom) to the benchtops to the splash backs for a seamless look that is customisable in style and color to suit any contemporary kitchen configuration.


Ambassadors of Stone

With even more partiality, our go-to quartz comes from Australia’s own Stone Ambassador. They do engineered quartz stone with stylish panache and superior craftsmanship like no other.

Their surfaces are carefully composed of 93% natural quartz with resin as a binding agent and pigments. Using advanced technology, Stone Ambassador creates the most natural-looking veined surfaces available in engineered stone.

Whether it’s the picturesque flowing veins or the sensuously smooth texture that gets you going, each characteristic of their quartz is sure to make your heart beat a little faster.

Superior Hardness

Get all the beauty and the beast with quartz’ superior hardness. This extreme surface offers the endurance and toughness of combined minerals. Non-porous quartz boasts a whole bevy of beneficial properties for even more points as the surface of choice such as resistance to chemicals, mould, mildew, heat, scratches, and stains.

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Custom Colour & Style

Stone Ambassador’s expert design team created forty of the most natural quartz colours in the industry to make sure you would find that oh-so-perfect one to suit your style and purpose.

To allow for ease of selection while considering budget and style, the 40 inviting colours are grouped into five evocative ranges: Essential, Deluxe, Premium, Prestige and Signature.

Essential Range - Beautiful yet affordable quartz surfaces for all interiors.

Deluxe Range - Flawless surfaces, offering natural tones, patterns, and grains. This range also features our new concrete matt surfaces.

Premium Range - A luxurious collection inspired by some of the world’s most unique natural stones.

Prestige Range – Variety of exotic colours and designs enhancing boutique features.

Signature Range - Inspired by the beauty of natural stone, this collection mirrors the unique characteristics and elaborate vein detail of some of the most prestigious natural stones that the market has to offer.

Each range comes in high gloss for a touch of shine or matt for a low-key look of luxury. 

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Edgy Profiles

The edge style for your quartz benches doesn’t have to be a tedious affair. With so many edging profiles from which to choose, you’re sure to find the perfect match. Stone Ambassador offers six edge styles to suit any space including bullnose, half bullnose, mitered apron, bevel edge, and pencil round. Just remember, the greater the surface area of the edge; the more resistant the edge will be to chipping.

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Stylishly Safe Surfaces

For the home chef, nothing gives a surge of pleasure as much as a gleaming counter surface just waiting to be filled with a bounty of vegetables, herbs, fruits, meats, chop boards, and utensils. To that end, quartz offers an exceptional food-safe surface for even the messiest, animated cooks.

Stone Ambassador quartz surfaces are fundamentally non-porous and perfectly suited for residential and commercial kitchens and food prep stations. All stone surfaces are stain-resistant and have been tested with common household goods such as red wine, olive oil, coffee, fruits, and spices.

 Each quartz installation is compliant with the International Health and Safety Foundation sanitary standard NSF51 and Green Guard certifications that guarantee its quartz-based surfaces are safe for use in all food environments.

Attainable Luxury

Stone Ambassador & Xaygun pair up to present the most attainable quartz surfaces to speak to even the most passionate quartz enthusiast. Contact our enthusiastic team today about creating a quartz-laden kitchen you’re sure to love.